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Doesn’t work

Once you set it up, it’s a good little unit. I’ve been using it for a week and have had no issues. No lag, takes about 15 or so seconds to get going which I think is reasonable. Overall happy with the product.

Undecided atm wondering where preloaded YouTube and Netflix is

converts your car to wireless carplay. Would of cost me $500 with Mazda!!!

The ekiy wireless adapter has been an absolute game changer for me. I no longer have to deal with tangled, messy cables, instead I have seamless carplay connectivity. The cables that come with the device (USB A and USB C) are short, so no tangle. I also velcto'd mine below my head unit so you can't see it (i went slimline). I highly recommend this adapter to anyone who wants to upgrade their car's functionality, you won't regret it! It's amazing how such a small device can make such a big impact on your driving experience.

I bought an ekiy device from a dodgy site previously and it didnt work (I think it was a fake), but this one is the real deal. Connects within a 10 seconds of starting the car and has no lag.

makes your car premium

Just makes everything so much more seamless in the car. Now i can put off upgrading a few more years.

forget its there

love how quickly it connects every time I start the car now. Glad to support an Australian company.

Wireless Android auto upgrade

Got my EKIY adapter a few days ago and I'm thrilled with it. Pairing was simple and now I've got wireless Android Auto in my car. Makes life so much easier not having to fiddle with my phone every time I get in


So bloody good! Had it in my Subaru Forester for a few days now and can't fault it. So good to have CarPlay without the cable clutter, won't be going back.

I previously used the QuadLock, which was laggy and took ages to establish a connection. EKIY is less than 10 seconds after turning on my car, and there's no lag. My mates all want one

bought this for my husbands bday and he hasn't stopped raving about it lol. took a sec to figure out the bluetooth but now it just works. pretty cool gadget.

I never knew how much I needed the EKIY adapter until I started using it. Now, I can't imagine driving without it.

Ive used an EKIY device before but bought it from a dodgy seller, pretty sure it was fake as this felt higher quality. No lag and instan connection.

just installed the EKIY. wireless carplay is unreal. no more fiddling with cables, it never drops out and is way better than the last adapter I tried

got my ekiy adapter a few days ago. love it! wireless android auto is so convenient, and the setup was a piece of cake.

bloody unreal

bloody unreal

instant carplay

My wife and I both use the EKIY adapter in our Ford and it's been brilliant. Connects instantly and makes CarPlay so much more convenient

I found the setup a little tricky, but I have an old LG phone so that's probably why! EKIY support helped me change some settings on my phone to enable wireless android auto and now its up and running and working well

best bday gift

My wife got me an EKIY wireless adapter for my birthday and it's excellent. Took a bit to get it set up with the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi but now it connects automatically and works perfectly. Highly recommend it.

My friends are all jealous of my wireless CarPlay setup now. It's definitely a must-have for anyone who drives alot.


love this thing

Just installed the EKIY in my 2020 Volkswagen Golf, and wow! Wireless CarPlay works seamlessly.

glad it came with USB C !! Still need to install it. Box was a little flimsy but the unit itself seems fine

lvoe it

absolutely stoked with my new ekiy wireless adapter! carplay connects automatically, making my drives so much more enjoyable